about me

so this is me.

hey, boos, hey!

welcome to musings of a gemini! this is where i, amanda michelle, ramble on about (my) life, my love of dependency on music, and my dabblings in astrology. i also try to post upcoming events for your enjoyment.

i share info about my phd journey on my other blog, so here is where i cut up. expect lots of randomness, fun times, and ratchet. i will do show recaps as i get to go to things (that grad school time/money budget struggle is real). my master plan is to eventually get to do all kinds of recaps & interviews during school breaks (¡viva comp tickets!) & once a month during school, so if you have the ability to make that happen, hit me up.

a few things:

  • i will talk shit on here. but i will also let people & things be great; please don’t be confused.
  • anything i share astrology-wise is completely based on my learning. don’t take what i say as any sort of expertise until i notify you that i’ve done my certification.
    • if you’re looking for an astrologer, check out these folks:
      • my source & twentor (twitter mentor), sam reynolds.
      • sagittarian mind offers astrology with ties to hip hop, film, & philosophy
      • for intuitive readings (by email if you want!), make your way to nikki
  • i’m not (yet) getting paid for any of the stuff i post here, but my shit is still my shit. all rights reserved & things of that nature. in other words: cite me, damnit!

welcome! i hope we get to chat things up a lot in these here parts, so use the comments section.