for the love of bey…

so i was playin’ around on tumblr for a few minutes at work today (instead of workin’ on my lit review) & ran across a piece peebz shared. reading that, of course, led to me clicking on another article on her site. it’s about beyoncé stans &  i just had to share this with y’all, ‘cuz i agree with it oh so very much.*

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i have to admit, i didn’t always like beyoncé, but over the years, i’ve come to appreciate her work. and damnit, if she ain’t the hardest workin’ woman in showbiz. but her stans? they’re scary as fuck. these people take pride in spending their life defending someone who, quite frankly, needs no defending. they threaten -literally threaten– people for saying they’re not fawning over the most asinine of beythings. remember how they pounced on lalah hathaway for this?

(this is when lalah complimented bey on her work with the beat for girls). and most recently, their attack on dream hampton’s daughter cost twitter one of our great blessings?

while bey is certainly not the only celeb with such a following, i’m 99.9987% sure hers is the most intense. anyhoo, peebz did a much better job at addressing this & the point of me writing this post was to share it with you. here’s my fave part:

You need to put a stop to this. I think if YOU spoke out against this, they would listen. They claim to be a “hive”. You are the Queen. The Queen Bey. They have to listen to you or else they contradict their entire movement. Make them prove their TRUE loyalty to you, Beyonce. Maybe you could make a YouTube video to your overly aggressive fans telling them to behave better that includes some role playing as to demonstrate what exactly you would do if someone made disparaging remarks to you. If you do that, be sure to use your Serious Voice or else they’ll think you’re just kidding when I think you both can agree that this is NO LAUGHING MATTER. I think that would work. I know for a fact that all your Stans enjoy videos. Another option for spreading this message of representing you well could be writing a letter and have bloggers post it for you.

i’d totally post that letter if bey wrote one. anyhoo, peebz’ full post is an oldie, but a goodie click yourself on over to read.

*i started writing this jawn at like, 4:30pm. all hell promptly broke loose just as i started searching for an image to wrap up the post. smh…

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