another blog?

yes, damnit, another blog. my ‘about’ page is forthcoming, but suffice it to say for now that i needed a safe space to express myself outside of academia. i originally took the stance that my main blog existed to share all of my pursuits, but i found that i was holding a lot back because i felt that the mix was either inappropriate or too confusing.

i’ve long admired people’s ability to maintain social lives, full-time jobs, and/or families while they pursue full-time graduate studies, but could not fathom that for myself. at. all. blame it on my upcoming birthday (june 10th!), but i felt like it was time for me to at least take a stab at it. and then today i met someone who’s doing school (albeit part-time), working, and getting started on her acting career. at the same time. O_O i know i’m not these other people, but i’m also not as uncoordinated as i let on. in short, since i’m so easily distracted, i #minuswell be distracted by the things that matter most to me.

welcome to my experiment!

stay tuned, fam…

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