What to Wear?

so i’m attending the #rocktheredpump fashion show on saturday. i’m über-excited and rather nervous.


(once upon a time i had AMAZING fashion sense. now, not so much.)

i had this really cute idea to find some skinny jeans & rock the philly cuff (which apparently isn’t just a philly thing and is also very much still in style). sadly, a) skinny jeans, LOLOLOL!!! & b) i couldn’t find any. no, i didn’t look extensively; i wasn’t about to pay a shit ton of money for this look.

so i decided to go with a classic black & white + red shoe look. i was all fine with that, until i got bored with it. then i decided to wear my tahari “too-dressy-to-actually-BE-denim” skirtsuit w/ a tan shirt. i was cool with that, until i realized it was a suit. i mean, i LOVE suits, but i felt the occasion called for something else (i honestly have no idea and may end up wearing a suit anyway).

i had a storm of ideas while i was out running errands today. (some of) this is what came of it. some of these outfits are the product of me just playing in my closet. as you can see, i seriously need help. i may just end up in a suit or that black & white outfit, at the end of it all, but suggestions are welcome. (sn: i know some of you get paid to dress people. that’s awesome. no disrespect to your hustle; if i had it, i’d hire you!)

a few important things:

  1. i know my hair is on some superduper sahara-dry struggle right now & i’m not sure why. i eventually got sick of trying to make it look presentable. given its current thirst level, i’m probably gonna end up doing some sort of protective cornrow/twist style instead of the fro.
  2. no, i’m not smiling in any of the pics. trying on clothes is exhausting!
  3. i’m not sure why i’m stuck on wearing red clothing to go w/ the shoes. however, i do realize that red tank top is not the same color as my shoes. i’m not sure what to do about that, ‘cuz i’m not really interested in shopping for a new one. i do have black, white, purple, gray, & navy as other options.
  4. now that i’ve finally finished this post, i’m not so sure any of these is a good option. but i’m tired & it’s written now. and my blog is missing updates. so there we are.

without further ado…

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