Astrological Dating Plague

…at least that’s what i’m calling it.

i have a major crush on somebody right now. no matter how much i try to ignore it or to rationalize it away, the damned thing is persistent. and distracting. *scowl* this has happened to me throughout my life more often than i wish to recall. i thought i’d moved past this juvenile pining-from-afar madness, but clearly…

anyhoo, in my old age, i’ve come to analyze lots of things about myself because, well, i need to understand myself. fortunately, i’ve also decided to really pursue my interest in astrology & that’s been immensely helpful.

sn: by the way, if you’re looking for someone to give a great reading, hit up my twentor (twitter mentor) sam reynolds (@sfreynolds). he gives GREAT readings & is willing to work out a payment with you (a full reading is only $99, but he understands that gradschool life).

so tonight, @zodiacfacts decided to share some tweets on flirtation styles. (note: i’m not exactly the biggest fan of this account, but for some reason, i can’t turn away, lol. sometimes her stuff is spot on, other times i’m like, whatchusmokin’?) my sun sign is gemini, my ascendant is leo, & my moon is in libra. but also have a bit of cancer prominent in my chart (namely my ruling planet), so i generally pay attention to information about all four signs. as for ZF, tonight i RTed the ones that struck me & went on this rant… (i dunno how to embed in, so here’s the original:

in case you have no clue what i’m talking about with mercury & venus see below. please note: i am *not* an astrologer (yet) & i may very well have some (or a lot) of this all mixed up (for example, i’m still sorting out this venus vs. moon vs. sun man/woman difference thing). i shall return with corrections, if need be. also, should i manage to find time for another reading with sam, then i’ll see if i was correct, lol!

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