I Got Hit by a Truck… And Other Happenings

A ton of shit has happened since my last update…

  1. I split my blog. Although this site (TIM:AM) will link to my other blog (for the time being), I’m keeping all the originals of my personal posts here. My other blog is (theoretically) going to (finally) focus on my academic journey. This is an experiment; we’ll see how it goes (I feel like another caveat should go here, but I don’t have anything specific to add).
    • This is not only where I’ll post my personal ramblings, but it’s also where my funtimes will go. So look here for concert pics, ratchet (and not-so-ratchet) tumblr posts, and other fun, non-school/work things. ^_^
  2. >Insert disappointing academic things that should be posted to my other blog at some point.<
  3. I picked up my first client for my consulting business! It’s pro bono (perks of getting in first), but I’m really excited for what’s coming down the pike with this project. What’s that? You’re wondering what I mean by “consulting business”? What kinda consulting & when did this start? Gitchu some & find out! ~>
  4. I got hit by a truck. While on my bike. Despite being all the way to the right & having *sings* all of the lights. I’m doing alright, which is more than I can say for the bastard who hit me, slowed down, then drove off. I imagine s/he has been living a tortured life. Also, a witness got the plate number. *resists urge to post owner’s name & address*
    • As I said, I was being totally safe. I rode all the way to the right, had on my flashing safety lights, AND was wearing my bright orange backpack & reflecto-white helmet.
    • As “they” say happens with most accidents, I was almost home (I’d tell you where that is, but I’m smarter than that). I’ve taken this route at least once a week, if not twice, for MONTHS and haven’t had any problems. On Weds, Feb 1st, 2012 at 7:30pm, the driver of a black Chevy Tahoe apparently felt the need to take out his/her anguish over Don Cornelius’ death out on me. (I have to make up funny stories to keep from crying.)
    • It took me about 2 seconds to realize the loud BANG I’d just heard was the sound *I* made upon impact with the truck. >insert hysterical screaming & crying<. How I managed to dismount my bike, I’m still not entirely clear. I know I didn’t get thrown off, but I also didn’t intentionally/formally dismount, either.
    • I *do* remember seeing an SUV’s brake lights, then wailing in further horror as it sped away.
    • Thankfully, the deities of the universe saw fit for me not to lose consciousness or anything of that nature, so after a few minutes of wailing for all of Chicago to hear, I managed to call home. *wonders if mama j still has the hysterical voicemail from that night* It went something like: “MO-OMMYYYY! AHGAHHITBAHATRUCKANAHCAYNFEELMAHARRUM!!! way… *snorts, looks up* dihsumbaheecawluhpohleese??? (yes, baby we cal-) MO-MMYYY!!!”  I texted her & my buddy with the good arm & by that time the fire department had arrived.
    • #shoutout to the anonymous witness who took down that plate number & to the numerous people who informed me that the “tan truck” i saw was actually a black Tahoe. Listen, I was hysterical, full of tears, & the street lights are orange.
    • The firemen did some prelim triage: felt up my arm (it was back to hurting by that point), put me in a lil sling, & had me try to squeeze somebody’s fingers. Then the ambulance arrived.
    • I was still kinda disoriented when the cops asked me what I wanted to do with my bike. I was like, “But I have groceries on there…” >LAWD… don’t let the food go bad!< After walking around in a few person-to-person semi-circles, I decided to let the officers take off the front wheel & bring it to the hospital via squad car. Of course, I started to follow them to the squad car, instead of getting in the ambulance. LOL at everybody for just standing there watching me. I didn’t hear any laughter, but…
    • Anyhoo, the ER was packed AF (of course), but I managed to get some vicadin while I awaited triage. The officers met me there to start the police report (which apparently really wasn’t a report since there were no official witnesses, but anyhoo).
      • LOL @ me for offering up my right ass-pocket when the officers asked me for ID. What can I say? The one arm was busted & the nurse was putting hospital tags on the other. “Well, it’s in my back pocket, but I don’t mind being felt up if y’all don’t mind doin’ the feelin’ up… *grin*” (I didn’t feel high, but…)
    • #shoutout to @WarrenSkipper for a) leaving his small group to meet me at the hospital, b) driving my bike home, c) schlepping it up the stairs since I forgot to give him the gate/storage room key, d) putting away my cheese, yogurt, & bread, e) staying at the hospital with me until 3:00 A.M. (I got there at 8pm), & f) driving me to the 24-hr pharmacy so I could get some more vicadin before taking me home.
    • Apparently Officer J was impressed by my ass ‘cuz, although neither he nor his partner took me up on my offer to cop a feel, he called me the next day to see how i was doing & to ask me out to lunch. ^_^
  5. The next day, I went for my hysterosalpingogram. The radiology tech who assisted the doctor was shocked I came after the accident, but I was like, “Listen, it’s best we do this while I’m on the vicadin, no?” She agreed.
    • In case you didn’t know, cysts had tried to overtake my ovaries & fallopian tube. Read the saga here & then the great news here. Turns out, my left fallopian tube *is* completely destroyed (stay tuned for photos), but I don’t need surgery unless it starts causing me pain or I decide to do in-vitro fertilization (yeah, right). YAY! O/

So, a bit of drama, but I (finally) got a new pair of hospital footies! (You know, the ones with the traction on them.) Yes, that is SUCH a big deal to me; I LOVE those things, lol! Also, although I don’t particularly care about the status of my fertility, neither doc thinks my plumbing is completely hopeless, so that’s good for feminine health reasons. Plus, I still stand by my desire to *choose* whether or not to birth children, rather than having no chance of it ever happening.

Anyhoo, as I stated a couple weeks ago, my stance on religion is pretty multi-faith at this point in my life. (My handsome pastor friend is convinced I’ll be back, but we’ll see. I by no means think this evolution is complete, but church is just so… church.) Nevertheless, for whatever reason, I’ve been singing this song almost daily for a few weeks. Since I survived being mowed down by a truck, I figured I’d do something gutsy:

So yeah… I sound like a goat when I’m nervous. #NoTreySongz And yeah, that’s a bootleg-ass non-splice at the end. I didn’t like how I ended it the first time, but I felt like I would hurl if I tried to re-record the whole thing. The bootleg-ass non-splice is much less disgusting, I think. At any rate, I’ve been saying I would post footage of me singing for at least a year now. It’s by no means perfect (hell, it isn’t even that great), but I suffer from perfectionism and, as Detavio recently said, it was time for me to “Aim for Done.” One day, I’ll grow a pair & get better at this being in front of people instead of hiding in the choir stuff. Of course, if you think I shouldn’t, feel free to provide your constructive criticism. I will cry, but I’ll bounce back & be sooo glad you told me! :o)

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