#31dayreset – day 4: stuck

so the day four post is about figuring out the 10 values that are most important to our lives. i’ve got an initial list going, but it feels really short (at 12 items) and i feel like there’s something i’m not hearing from myself or the universe. so i’m going to sit. and practice listening until i feel unstuck.

monday starts my official ‘summer schedule’. i’ve got readings to do for my research job and i start my 15 hr/week field placement. i find that i often hear things as i’m transitioning between duties & i’ve learned to cherish that ‘downtime’, so it’ll be interesting to see what it yields this time around. i may also decide to skip this part of the reset until later in the process, but i think that’ll make things more difficult down the line.

we’ll see. meanwhile…

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