.@JeromeHolloway + @RobertGlasper x @HOBChicago = AWESOME

once upon a time, i won some concert tickets. i had forgotten that i entered the contest, so i was über excited to see the email notification from @Do312 just before i bought my tickets. “what tickets,” you ask? or maybe you don’t ask, ‘cuz you read the title of this post.

IMG_0723so yes, this was back in september. yes, i mean 2012 (i’m not bad enough to still have stuff from previous years, geez!). since i should either be asleep or doing homework right now, i’m gonna keep this really short. also, this is when i remembered why i’d hidden my camera away in the first place: it’s a hater. i went through six batteries before i could get off 5 decent pics of the first act. so iphone 3gs, it was.

of course, i won two tickets, so i hit up some twitter folks to see who could come. and i got @LeTamz lookin’ all fahn…


IMG_0724i gotta say, i love, love, LOVE when ‘unknowns’ open up at shows i attend. i love great music & prefer more intimate settings, so this has always meant i get to learn about a new artist each show. enter jerome holloway, also lookin’ all fahn.

he has a wonderful voice & can strum that axe sum’n fierce. i loved his act from the start, but i think i ’bout fell out when he started in on nina simone’s “sinner man” all on the fly. listen, if i hadn’t already been #chose… (btw, i asked & he’s into hearin’ from the ladies. well, as of september, anyway. he liketa got #chose, too.)

but seriously, his album is FREE. go get it. right-click his name > open in new tab > download > come back here.

as one would expect, the robert glasper experiment (RGE) tore the house down. in addition to the black radio hits, we heard everything from radiohead to floetry (pssst… i like their version of ‘say yes’ better than the original. *wonders whether somebody secretly captured her epic body rolling*) there even a dilla tribute. listen, have you ever heard ‘smells like teen spirit’ done over a dilla joint??? i am not exaggerating when i tell you the *ENTIRE* crowd erupted.

all the rest of my pics are from when RGE was on stage, so i’ll just leave this gallery here for your enjoyment before delighting you with some vidjo. 🙂

drum solo: RGE’s cover of radiohead’s ‘packt like sardines in a crushd tin box’ (y’all know this: i’m a reasonable man, get off my case…)

not the end of the concert, but definitely one of my top 3 highlights:

as always, i encourage you to support good music (and help a grad student earn a lil commission while you’re at it):

jerome holloway*: iTunesamazonhome page

robert glasper experiment: iTunesamazonofficial merch

*yes, the album is free on his site, but please support financially if you can
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