#animemidwest with @megaran & @dn30001

i love my music fam, i really do. what’s even better is watching as my fam’s hard work pays off. today: random aka megaran. (note: everybody in this post is part of the same fam: RHAM nation. check ’em out.) gather ’round kids: it’s story time.

i first met ran when i sang a hook for our mutual homie, g. the chancellor. (no, that track didn’t get published, thank god, LOL! but a good time was had.) ran was producing beats & of course did our track for the day. we lost touch for a while after that, but thanks to the magical internetz, we reconnected several years ago! \o/ not long after, ran became ‘megaran’ & was officially doing music for capcom. yeah, i’m proud of my folk. sadly, it would be nine years after our first meeting before i would get to see the man in the flesh (ships, passing, nighttime, etc.). as for dj dn3, it was a case of mythical creatures: we each had heard tell of the other and even talked on the twitters, but there was no tangible proof of existence, LOL!

and finally, the stars aligned:

man sammich.

so yeah, we met up at anime midwest 2012. LOL(ish) at all the kids there being ratchet. i wanted to take pics, but my work experience has trained me not to take unauthorized photos of minors. i have learned, however, that cosplay is rather intriguing (albeit not for juvenile reasons, if you catch my drift, lol).

the audience really wasn’t there for hiphop and it didn’t help that the first non-rock act was these guys (O_o). so, the organizers had to go out & find some folks for the show. by the time megaran got on stage, there were fewer than 10 folks waiting. after he & dn3 got started, tho’, the room was packed within 30 minutes! folks texted their friends, a few went out to find folks, and people were just generally drawn in by the music. this is how you know you’ve got a great artist on your hands.

i did take some pics & vid of the show, but the lighting was terrible & i was using a couple cameraphones (couldn’t find my real camera in time). plus, i was watching the merch table, so i stayed pretty far away*. these two vids are the best of the lot (i’m sad AVALANCHE didn’t come out well!):

*that may actually have helped me get better sound than if i had been closer.

megaran freestyles with inspiration from audience cosplay:

ran & dn3 hit up the stage together:

support great music; megaran’s collection is available via iTunes, amazon, & megaranmusic.com. dj dn3’s music is available via bandcamp.

BONUS: we met this guy who sells figurines he makes out of loose change. including a transformable optimus prime. shit is wicked awesome. watch:

if you’re interested in buying some stuff (he does custom orders), hit him up:

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