Update on the Body…

So yeah, I was about to send @lolagetslife to my story about ovarian cysts, when I realized I haven’t provided a real update beyond the 2nd ultrasound & the hysterosalpingogram (see #5). I also started taking bioidentical progesterone after we figured out there were cysts at play. (You can learn more about this and other methods of managing cysts in Elizabeth Vliet’s book. The short of it is that the cysts -in my case endometriosis– are caused by an imbalance of too much estrogen & not enough progesterone. Taking progesterone that is most like the human form -rather than horse hormones- helps to restore the proper balance & keep the cysts at bay.) That helped limit the pain throughout December. By the time I got to the 2nd ultrasound, the cyst had shrunken. YAY! PLUS, I neglected to mention that I was also on a Daniel fast for January so I could purge my liver (the liver has all kinds of responsibility for estrogen). I was doing great – no pain in January, more reasonable periods, AND I had lost 8 pounds. MOAR YAY!


mmmm... harold's... waaawwwggghhh...

Then I got hit by a truck the first day of February. I couldn’t cook or clean effectively & thus my diet became Harold’s Chicken & Chinese food. And other things I can’t remember but probably weren’t actually food.

And now my cyst is hurting again. Plus, I’m up 5 of those 7 pounds. Damn. But I will say this – the progesterone is DEFINITELY helping me with periods and my sleep cycle (I’ve become quite manic over the past couple years), but I think this cyst situation is all about the diet AND the meds. I’m sure I knew this already, but I think it just goes to show how important food is to the body. We gotta stop eating all this crap!

So now, I’m making the transition back to being all-organic, all-pescatarian everything. As I said a few days ago:

i choose health

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