wanna vote on my new glasses?

i’m incredibly indecisive with these things (and not feeling like doing any reading). i was thinking one funky pair & one classic, but i like being funky. of course, i also like being classic, so therein lies my dilemma. no, it should not be this difficult. shut up, you. (except with your decisions – i do want your votes.):

row 1:

row 2:

row 3:

and because that one pair is washed out for some strange reason:

let me know what you think by row number & location (e.g., row 3, left) – please post your commentary *on the blog* lol

also, if you’re shopping for glasses, by all means visit EyeBuyDirect.com (use code IFNC14TVAK & get 15% off)! None of their frames cost more than $50 & the price includes single-vision lenses 9and right now, anti-scratch). Other treatments cost extra, but are not prohibitive. As you can see, they have a nifty tool that lets you see how your glasses will look on you. Even so, if you get your glasses & they don’t fit (or they look terrible on you), you can return them within 14 days for a refund, or within 12 months for replacement. BONUS: They’re having a buy one get one FREE sale right now!

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