Recap of FELA! & The Purple One at Madison Square Garden

so i got to see prince at madison square garden. it was only my 2nd time ever seeing him (my first was the musicology tour).  as usual, he put on an amazing show!  i tweeted it… or so i thought.  YAY for failed DROID twitter apps (booo hootsuite!).  fortunately, all the tweets are stored in my outbox… unfortunately they’re only in the outbox on my phone. but i love y’all, so i’ma type ’em over.

well actual, i saw FELA! earlier that day, too.  i didn’t take too many pics, so here:

1:45pm: well i tried to get a photo of me in front of the poster, but i was holding up progress, so this is what we have:

1:50pm: YAYAY! TIME FOR @FELAMUSICAL. BAND IS ALREADY JAMMING PROGRAM ONLY $5 (still dunno why phone gets stuck in all caps)

later: Interimission. Just wow. #FELA

around the same time: Also wow: they are giving directions to and INSIDE the women’s restroom. And there’s a line to get OUT.

still during intermission: proof that the #zombieapocalypse is coming: 

sometime during the 2nd act: “I will add: this actor makes me want to go research Fela Kuti’s ass, ‘cuz dude’s is on point!

the show was amazing. if you’ve got a way to fit yourself in before jan 2nd, i suggest you go! it’s off to london after that. and patti? do we even have to ask?

so… after a nap in a hard starbucks chair while charging my phone…

7:15pm: Something in the garden has my sinuses & lungs all full of madness, but this ain’t a bad seat!

7:30pm: Lights just went down; a good 40% or more of the crowd is still MIA… 

7:35pm: Ok, so Sinbad is up & apparently tonight’s guests are Larry Graham annem & Sheila E

7:45pm: Ummm.. Sinbad isn’t funny anymore.  I think I remember this happened a while ago, but I thought he’d disappeared into nostalgia.

7:52pm: Ok, he’s doin’ aight now, lol!

8:00pm: Graham Central Station rolling in on the marching band tip (sorry that it’s sideways; dunno how to edit yet. also, my phone does not take great video in these types of settings).

8:05pm: Larry Graham is on some typa anti-aging serum…

i dunno what time: A oooooooooonnnne inna miiilllyuuuuuunnnn… chaaaaaaaaance oooof a liiiifetiiiiimmme! ::waves hand in the air::

later: Now they’re doing old sly & the family stone hits!

even later: Thank you for lettin’ me be myself… again!  And somebody is gettin’ LIT UP in here! And prince jut came in w/ larry!

5 mins later: LOL @ the ppl who are JUST now realizing prince is out!

Intermission: Ok so when you buy a bottled drink at msg, they take the cap from you b/c dumbass hockey fans like to throw them. O_o

*sigh* so i’ve taken so long to update this post that i deleted the hootsuite app with all the outgoing messages.  suffice it to say the following:

  • love larry graham annem, but y’all know how i feel about stokely… **VERY** jealous of the folks attending on 12/29.
  • my new phone (EVO) sucks at capturing video in that space.  i blame the large crowd, arena, & the fact that i was in the 200s, but yeah…
  • spotted: questlove, alicia sleaze – i mean keys, cornel west, & i think i saw xhibit, but i’m not sure.
  • i was a bit mad that the show ended at 11pm. prince was up there on some, “i don’t care about no curfew!” and i got back to my hostel before midnight. ::scowl::

enjoy the pics & video!

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