Ha! So I’m cleaning out my iPhone notes & discovered this piece I wrote a while ago. Hmmm…

despite all the blood, sweat, & tears i put into me [it]
i forever miss the mark
but this time, it’s different

i stay strivin’ for more knowledge, ever since i was a lil girl
as i’ve come into my grown woman, i’ve come to see that knowledge comes in many forms.

so yes, this time, it’s different.

i have officially entered a new era:
this new world order of me is founded on the basic understanding that amanda michelle jones can no longer afford to remain entangled in regret, self-loathing, self-doubt, or fear. building upon that foundation,
this new world order of me is all about paying attention to the ultimate source of messaging: my Creator.

see, I don’t know nothin’ ’bout your Creator, but mine gave me these gifts… and these ideas… and these desires…
and my Creator supplied me with an energy more powerful than anything you or I could even begin fathom outside of divine inspiration. and it’s mine. i need not be afraid anymore.
the only mandate of this new world order of me is that i honor me -and thus honor my Creator and all else he created- at all times.

so absolutely: this time, it will. be. different.

– Amanda Michelle Jones

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