beautiful monster, you are most certainly
the ugliest thing that can exist is a person afraid of his own greatness

it tears me apart to still love you after all these years
…after such disappointment to be forever tied

but you can’t pray away true love

and you can’t force a man to be all he is called to be

the more i encouraged, the more you withdrew
eventually, i couldn’t see you at all

i used to believe that love was enough
until i loved you… and it came nowhere near close

the opposite of love isn’t hate. and it certainly isn’t just apathy

fear is a primal instinct that overrides all when you least expect it

you are far from ugly, yes, beautiful, indeed
but fear has turned you hideous

i can see into your soul,
how it yearns to live out its destiny

so sad that you’ve given up and you given in

such an ugly monster, overshadowing such a beautiful man

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